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With many companies offering electronic assembly services in the present world, it may not be very easy to choose the most reliable packages out there. However, this doesn't mean that one cannot find great electronics dealers with some meticulous search. You only need to avoid blindly picking the very first companies you meet as you start the mission of scouting for dependable assembly deals and instead thoroughly compare a wide range of dealers until you land the most reliable entities in this super-competitive industry. 
Recent years have seen a surge in demand for heavy copper PCB especially in the manufacture of computers and other integrated industrial control systems. More than 70 percent of the current printed boards are not capable or is incapacitated in producing thick solid copper printed circuit boards. 
Resident techies would be most familiar with the terms Printed circuit boards and rigid flex circuits; their usage would also be of no surprise or question. However, for those of us who may be just catching on to this already full-fledged tsunami wave, here’s a breakdown.